Dive Into The Japanese IDM Scene With This Frenzied Video Project

<p>These mind-bending visuals are the best way to illustrative a rather glitchy electronica track.</p>

Just when your eyes reach that sore and lazy point and you think you’ve seen everything on the internet, there is usually a glitchy, convulsive and jerky video project to raise your adrenaline and cheer you up. This visual 3D animation, created by an independent Japanese artist nicknamed Vokoi (who specializes in real-time visual performances) is a frenzied interpretation of an IDM/electronica track by Hazcauch, a musician who brings back nostalgic memories of listening to Warp and Planet μ records back in our teenage days.

Generated through the visual programming language Max/MSP/Jitter, this video is really close to the now established practice of VJing, which allows you to render an image in real-time while generating video sequences with 3D matrices. The result of this sophisticated setup is nothing less than an exploding face, turned into scattered bits, morphed into pixelated confetti and lost in a whirlpool of acoustic waves.

Resting somewhere between breakbeat and electronica, Hazcauch's track “Scept” is off the album Vein, a compilation produced by Bridge and the record label +MUS, which gathers the best emerging Japanese talents in IDM. On the album, we hear artists like DUB-Russel, Daisuke Tanabe, Katsuhiro Chiba, Lluviasonido and NUMB. Listening to the compilation seems to be a sure way to discover a really good local scene we aren’t fully aware of yet.