Discussing Three Decades Of Knob Twiddling With John Foxx

<p>Our sister site Motherboard&#8217;s interview with the legendary synth musician.</p>

English synth legend John Foxx has been making waves ever since he left Ultravox for a solo career in 1979. A stunningly prolific artist, Foxx has continually pushed out precise electronic tracks that show off his deep skill with a synth. That sound that has been given a distinctly 80s pop bounce as part of his project John Foxx and the Maths, which started in 2009 and just released a new edition of the band's most recent album, The Shape of Things, on Monday.

Early last year Electric Independence host Jordan Redaelli and producer Claire Macdonald paid Foxx a visit in East London at the studio of Benge, Foxx's collaborator on the Maths. Redaelli and Foxx sat down for a chat about Foxx's New Wave days in Ultravox, his encyclopedic knowledge of synths, and goofball party activities. It all culminates in Foxx showing off his drum machine and sampling his first album, Metamatic.

[via Motherboard]