Digitally Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life

<p>Video of Joachim Sauter&#8217;s provocative talk.</p>

Joachim Sauter gave a fascinating talk at our Creators Project London event about what he considers to be the next wave of digital media that will drive us onward through the new millennium to experience a digital reality, where the online world and the physical world will coalesce. In the video above, Sauter outlines how he sees this happening, and how his work has been striving toward this hybrid reality, moving into a post-social networking world where this revolution in interactive space will create reactive digital environments.

"Physical space had been forgotten from the mid-90s into the middle of this decade, because we were all looking into virtual space. And now physical space is having a renaissance. People desire to return to it," Sauter said. We can't wait to see what he comes up with next.