Digital Dreaming With Pajama Club's Interactive Kinect-Based Music Video

<p>Ethereal, glitchy visuals and multiple camera angles make up an otherworldly experience.</p>

With the internet, the music video got a much needed shot in the arm. Not only does it provide plenty of video sharing platforms at a time when MTV is wall-to-wall reality shows, but it also provides a new interactive space for directors to work in: the browser. Over the last few years, we’ve seen Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin‘s Chrome Experiments like The Wilderness Downtown and ROME, along with a host of others that let people drive the narrative and explore in a way we hadn’t seen previously.

In this vein of WebGL experimentation is Sam Peacocke‘s video for TNT For Two” by Pajama Club. The video, shot with a Kinect, uses a glitchy, digital-dreaming aesthetic like the imperfect images in the film Clouds, but adds a level of interactivity. Because it’s captured in 3D, you can move your mouse around to change the camera angle, tilting it whichever way you want to peer in and around this darkened world.

And if that isn’t enough interactivity for you, a bonus video for their track “These Are Conditions” lets you play around a lot more ways, like enlarging the band’s heads, deleting their legs, or cloning their amps.