Digipedi Defy The Conventions Of K-POP With Two New Videos

<p>The Korean duo adds collaborations with producer Clazzi and pop singer Apple Girl to their growing repertoire of mind-blowing visuals.</p>

Creators Digipedi bring an element of jarring visual abstraction to K-POP, a scene known for intensely sugary production and a general rule of extravagance on all fronts. For their latest collaboration, Digipedi use a Gondry-esque aesthetic for Korean producer Clazzi.

Clazzi earned his clout producing trendy electronic beats for K-POP sensation Clazziquai, and after masterminding four original albums and four remix albums for the Clazziquai project, he steps forth with his solo record Infant. This new project finds him collaborating with various Korean artists, forging a fresh new sound that calls on electro and house influences beyond his pop past.

His first single “Love & Hate” features singer Sung Yul Yi and Korean-American rapper MYK. Pairing the universal concept of love and hate with a dichotomous red and blue motif, Digipedi put together a dynamic and intriguing music video that goes to hell and back.

Another recent work from Digipedi, the video for “Half” by pop singer Apple Girl, follows a very cute but insanely eerie tale of love between a girl and a living ball of yarn. Though it’s subject matter is a bit less intense than the eternal struggle between love and hate depicted in the new Clazzi single, the “Half” video employs some similar techniques, like the bicolor motif, this time a decidedly lighter orange and blue.

Stretching across the spectrum, from hip hop to electro to pop, Digipedi’s 1Moretime and Oroshi continue to confirm their talent for adding a visual element to contemporary music and culture.