Designer Werner Aisslinger Grows A Chair In His Greenhouse

<p>We grow our own vegetables, so why not furniture?</p>

When someone talks about growing their own it’s usually to do with a fruit and veg patch in their back garden, but designer Werner Aisslinger has created a project called Chair Farm where he grows his own furniture. It sounds wacky, but most of the good ideas do, and with this he gets to grow an organic chair inside a greenhouse much like you would a tomato plant.

Instead of buying a product from a shop or having it delivered from a warehouse that’s imported it from abroad, you’ll be able to grow your furniture like you would some delicious tomatoes. The project is showing at Ventura Lambrate in Milan this week, which shows off how the system works—a plant is grown using a steel mould to shape it, then once it gets to maturity, the steel structure supporting it is removed and you have a nice chair to sit on, with minimal waste and resources.

Much like those chilling human harvest fields in The Matrix, we could end up with something similar, but with humans thankfully replaced by furniture in what Aisslinger calls "product plantations." Or maybe you’d grow them in your back yard, next to the herb garden.

[via It’s Nice That]

Photographs by Nicolo Lanfranchi, via Dezeen