A Virtual Reality Robot is Your Front Row Ticket to this Fashion Show

With Democratic Front Row, we're all invited to Stockholm's Fashion Week.

Fashion is fun, wonderfully artistic, and it's fabulous, but the one thing no one can say about the fashion world is that it's democratic. Half of the glamour is in the fact that the whole production of a fashion show is inaccessible—they're selling clothing that most people can't afford, modeled by people whose bodies most of us could never attain. The trade off for the glamour of this inaccessibility is that mainstream fashion can alienate otherwise interested people who can't afford access to it. This is where Democratic Front Row comes in.

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The inaccessibility of the best seats at fashion shows is being exploded at this year's Stockholm Fashion Week. Celebrities have given up their front-row seats to designer Ida Klamborn's February 3rd show so that a virtual reality robot can broadcast it to viewers all around the world, and in doing so, democratize the front row. "I am constantly inspired by youth culture but unfortunately the young fans are seldom seen in the fashion world," Klamborn says. "Therefore I invite them to my front row to break the traditional structures of the fashion world and show that the future holds so many opportunities."

You can take your front row seat to Klamborn's fashion week show by downloading the Front Row app, which will be released on February 3rd, just in time for the show. 

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