Decorating on A Budget? New App Allows You To Hang British Masters In Your Bedroom

<p>The &#8220;Pocket Art Gallery&#8221; lets you hang over 100 artworks using augmented reality.</p>

I have a deep aversion to bare walls. If there are two square inches of space, I’ll find a postcard, a bookmark, a business card, something to fill it up. There’s only one bare wall in my month-old apartment, and I plan on hanging my bright pink kimono there. But for those of us who don’t have the time to meticulously map out space on the walls, the new Pocket Art Gallery app is a welcome answer.

Launched as part of the fourth and final “Great British Art Debate,” the iPhone app allows users to use augmented reality to virtually hang over 100 artworks from famed British museums and galleries like Tyne & Wear Archive and the Tate Modern. As you scroll through the works, you can double-click to see a blurb about the painting and the artist who created it. And once you’ve assembled a collection you can play curator and describe your “exhibition.”

Just aim your iPhone’s camera at an object you’d like to hang your artworks on—it can be anything from a plain wall to a street sign—and you’re all set. If you walk around with the app open, you can also see where other users have left their mark (could be an excuse for some high-tech scavenger hunting around the office with your coworkers) And once you’ve posted your artworks, you can tag their location and share your masterpieces with users worldwide who can comment on how great that portrait of Queen Victoria looks over your fireplace. Or how that Turner landscape really brightens up your park bench. It sure beats kimonos and business cards.

Images courtesy of The Pocket Art Gallery.

[via PSFK]