Deck Out Your Space With LED Wallpaper

<p>Turn your boring old wall into a patterned light installation.</p>

LEDs are everywhere these days, perhaps a sign that a certain future has arrived, a future that’s colorful and well-lit and has seen these little lights seep into all aspects of design from James Powderly’s LED throwies to LED smiles, body suits and lots more. And now, finally, we can add LED wallpaper to that glowing list.

LED Wallpaper, by designer Ingo Maurer, is available over at Architects Paper should you wish dop the dough—€2,640.00 (around $3,550.00) per roll. But for that you’ll get a geek chic design that features a computer circuit board pattern that’s lit up by cuboid shapes that flicker on and off in red and blue, with white LEDs lighting up around them, a total of 840 LEDs per panel, which makes the price seem not as outlandish. Kinda. Anyway, give it ten years and we’ll all be able to afford them.

Here’s what Ingo Maurer says on the Architect Papers site:

The LED wallpaper offers very thrilling possibilities to illuminate rooms: Dimmed, enigmatic light hardly revealing where the shine is coming from or an urban vibrating atmosphere—to mention only a few options. It's magic!

A big advantage also is that the LED wallpaper can be hung in more or fewer strips and lengths according to the architecture and furnishing of a room. Interior designers have the choice.