Decide The Ending To The Streets Interactive Film

<p>Unlock new tracks off The Streets new album by choosing your own adventure in this multi-layered music video.</p>

The first 55-second scene of The Street’s interactive film for their fifth and final album Computers and Blues is all too familiar. An alarm goes off and the subject of the film, The Street’s Mike Skinner, sluggishly fumbles for his iPhone. But then, instead of leading the viewer through his wake-up routine (like the video for DJ Mehdi’s “Signatune”), the viewer is prompted with options about how the story should continue—hit snooze, find food, or turn off the phone. Each decision unlocks new songs and leads to another set of questions within the many-layered music video. The only thing unnerving about watching it, is that it might make you want to buy the album, which was released last Friday.

Of all the new types of music videos we’ve covered—including 3D interactive music videos, browser-based videos, and videos made utilizing data capturing software—we really love this choose-your-own-adventure type format because of how effectively it engages the viewer by not only making them a participant, but in a small way, putting them in the director’s chair. Giving viewers the ability to make their own choices and explore the content from several different angles creates an enthralling sense of discovery that we really enjoy. If you’re itching to hear a full track off the record click here for Diplo’s remix of “Going Through Hell.”