Death Grips' New Interactive Video Allows You To Be Every Person At Their Pool Party

<p>Don&#8217;t be singing &#8220;I&#8217;ve Seen Footage&#8221; until you&#8217;ve actually seen this.</p>

A few months back we premiered RETROGRADE, Death Grips’ deconstruction of a music video into dozens of GIF fragments, glitched into various colors and repeating segments of the song in an abrasive yet oddly captivating way. The band’s newest video experiment is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Departing from the grungy, lo-fi, skull-drilling visuals of the video work that gave them rise, Death Grips soundtrack an interactive pool party where you can choose any partygoer and hijack their perspective. Wanna juggle? Click on the juggler. Wanna ride a BMX bike over a ramp into the pool? Click on the bike guy. Wanna just dance and be generally useless? Click on the “chill girl.”

Try it out here.

We’ve seen “Choose Your Own Adventure” videos and apps before, from the functional to the absurd, and this one is based purely around summertime fun, and go figure, summer just ended. Nevertheless, it’s a fun interactive video to play around with for a little while before you get back to work or go back to using Terry Crews’ muscles as drumsticks.

What stands out most about this video is that it’s really quite un-Death-Grips. Aside from the video lacking any of the darkness and causticity of their early work, the track is easily the most accesible thing they’ve dropped, even after the significantly lighter “@DeathGripzzz” just a few days ago. Has being on a major label actually changed their sound? We’ll keep you posted.