DARPA's Terrifying BigDog Robot Can Now Follow Voice Commands

<p>We&#8217;re doomed.</p>

In DARPA‘s continued quest to create terrifying machines that edge us ever closer to a need for John Connor to come through one of those fizzying time-travel portals and save us, they’ve released a video of a new incarnation of their brutal-looking BigDog robot (LS3).

The new version can now obey voice commands, so when the order comes to “Destroy humanity, boy” it can easily follow. Other “improvements” mean it can recover quicker if it rolls over, has better footing over rough terrain and, perhaps most alarmingly, it now has “the ability to maneuver in an urban environment.”

Great, if the Mayan prophecy doesn’t get us, BigDog will hunt us down in the cities where we live.