Daniel Avery's Music Video For "Taste" Finds An Eerie Use For The Ordinary Scanner

<p>Director Daniel Brereton and Daniel Avery collaborate on the UK DJ’s latest eyebrow-raising video.</p>

Admit it, you have probably pressed your face (or other body parts) up to a photocopier to pass the time or mess with your co-workers on a particularly slow day in the office. This act of tomfoolery is turned into a work of art by director Daniel Brereton, who has previously conceived videos for other musicians like Django Django and Metronomy. His latest video, for up-and-coming London-based DJ and producer Daniel Avery, uses a distorted medley of scanned images, reappropriating the common object to create a video you can't watch just once.

Brereton pieces together the warped faces of models pressed up to glass into a sinisterly beautiful stop-motion set to the cosmic, oscillating vibes from Avery's new track "Taste" off his debut EP Need Electric.

Currently signed to Erol Alkan‘s Phantasy label, Alkan talks about the trio’s collaboration: "Both Daniels and I met up one afternoon and spoke about some of our favorite videos and any ideas that we had for a visual connection to “Taste.” Daniel B took it far further than we had ever imagined—we are absolutely delighted with what he’s come up with. He managed to capture a visual balance to what I personally feel the music holds, in the melody, a feeling of nature gone wrong, and that general essence of it still being outsider music."