Dance With Your Shadow in an Electrifying Light Art Installation

Joao Martinho Moura's immersive 'WIDE/SIDE' buzzes to life in Portugal.

A human body crackles with electricity in João Martinho Moura's interactive installation, WIDE/SIDE, aGNRation Gallery in Braga, Portugal. After using sensors to capture participants' silhouettes, their images are redrawn on a screen with "fast light beams" that evolve generatively during the experience. Moura refers to the work, which previously, illuminated Mexico City for its annual Visual Art Week, as a "kinetic sculpture," a representation of the bridge between the abstract digital world, the gallery space, the body of pixels, and that of the viewer. 

Watch WIDE/SIDE buzz to life below:

WIDE/SIDE exhibition at GNRation gallery from Joao Martinho Moura on Vimeo.

João Martinho Moura - WIDE/SIDE - Visual Art Week, México 2015 from Joao Martinho Moura on Vimeo.


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