Sound Creatures Is A Virtual Zoo Of Fictional Animals Inspired By Weird Sound Effects

<p>Listen to a Sound Bug buzz or a Karkinos snap in the imaginary wildlife of <i>Sound Creatures</i>.</p>

Christina Lee

Sometimes you hear a sound and a whole universe unfolds in your mind’s eye, or maybe a strange and unusual being. In his multimedia project, Sound Creatures, Berlin-based composer David Kamp decided to let some of his favorite illustrators and animators visualize various weird sound effects that he’d collected and created as fictional animals. Curated by Kamp, these audiovisual pieces are on view on the Sound Creature website, which is a kind of virtual zoo full of animals you’ve never heard of, such as the Murp, Thing, and Rattus-Ructus. In the near future, Kamp plans to create a non-curated online version of Sound Creatures where anyone can draw or animate an animal to a new set of sounds. Check out a couple of our favorite creatures:

The Sound Bug:

Artwork by Santa Maria, Sound by David Kamp.

Night Howler:

Artwork by Ian Macarthur, Sound by David Kamp.


Artwork by Eirian Chapman, Sound by David Kamp.


Animation by Kirsten Lepore, Sound by David Kamp.


Animation by Nomint, Sound by David Kamp.

Sound Creatures is an ongoing project. To view and hear the latest animals, check out the website.