Olga Mink Explores The Shrinking Space Between The Virtual And The Real

<p>Encompassing interactive installations, video art and multi-screen projections.</p>

Jan 13 2012, 4:44pm


The digital and the real, the public and the private, the human and the machine—all things headed for a collision course as technology blurs lines and challenges preconceptions. But while the distinctions may seem to be slowly evaporating, the spaces in between are still there, however small they may be getting. And it’s these spaces, these analog-digital hinterlands, that Dutch artist Olga Mink explores in her work, which encompasses video art, music, interactive installations and digital performance.

Using a variety of mediums Mink’s conceptual, immersive work investigates the beauty of movement and nature, while also highlighting the tensions between the audience and the artwork. Her video work creates sensuous, ethereal worlds that explore the poetic interplay between sound and image. Below is a selection of some of her entrancing multimedia work.

The Nature Of Being (2008)

A collaboration with electronic composer Scanner, whose audio is matched with visuals from Mink to create an immersive abstract journey of contemplative sound and image. “By use of immersive projections, panoramic views and surround sound, sensuality is re-imagined, reinterpreted, connecting multiple realities in a multi-angled perspective, merging and juxtaposing various points of views.”

Sjansmachine (Flirtmachine) (2010)

Exploring the impact social networks have on virtualizing our human relationships, this interactive photobooth—a collaboration between Olga Mink, Carmin Karasic and Rolf van Gelderlets—lets people interact with each other using QR codes and face detection. The machine is like a real-world social network and the version at the Netherlands Film Festival let participants find new friends based on their favorite film genres. Custom software created in Processing takes a picture when it detects a face, and the image is then projected in real-time onto the screens.

Fragments from Atlantida (2009)

A video art piece in collaboration with Scanner where a trail of balloons journey through the legendary Atlantida (shot in the Canary islands). Here the seven islands become an interchange between image and sound celebrating the beauty, majesty and wonder of the natural world via an immersive sound environment.

Ballet Mechanique (2009)

Using a combination of found and recorded footage, this piece explores the realm of the digital through projected dancers to create a virtual performance that remixes the body into new forms.