LED Surfer Lights Up The Slopes Of Tignes

<p>Jacob Sutton films an illuminated snowboarder in the dead of night.</p>

Abdullah Saeed

Abdullah Saeed

Among the hazards of snowboarding at night, being hit by a truck is low on the list. Nevertheless, filmmaker Jacob Sutton has insured that his subject, snowboarder William Hughes, can be spotted on the slopes from miles away in his custom LED suit, covering him from head to toe in hundreds and hundreds of little lights.

Sutton filmed Hughes descending a slope in Tignes, in France’s Rhône-Alpes, over three pitch black nights—the only light source being the subject himself. Hughes appears a heavenly creature gracefully flying down a mountain in slow motion engulfed in light, like a duded out Silver Surfer. Nevertheless, you know you’d be terrified if you saw an inexplicable luminous beast gliding your way in the dead of night.

The epic camerawork reminds us of Creator Curt Morgan and his Brain Farm team, who also capture breathtaking footage across peaks in a more classic way, but without the LED bling. We also can’t help but wonder how the LED Surfer can see where he’s going—that suit of lights looks pretty blinding.