Cyriak's Latest Video Takes Us On A Journey Into Horribleness

<p>Another animation from the mind-bending filmmaker, and this one may well haunt your mind for some time.</p>

We don’t want to become a Cyriak appreciation society, but his animations are quite unlike what anybody else is doing right now. After the fractal spin cycle that was his music video for Eskmo's track "We Got More", the latest from him, Something, sees him turning the light firmly off and leaving us bewildered in the darkness. An elaboration on his twisted Wall of Shatner, he’s taken the idea and mutated it into something even more horrific. We are “treated” to the grotesque spectacle of faces distorted into enlarged mouths with distended tongues, sprouting from the placid forms of actors in a 1950s educational film about home economics (the contrast making it all the more appalling), before a conclusion that features the fractal horror of numerous insane mouths screaming into infinity. It’s like nothing else you’ll have seen this year.

You can’t help but hope Cyriak collaborates with electro enfant terrible Aphex Twin (whenever that new album’s coming out) and together they could come up with some mind-torturing concoction, the likes of which has never been animated.