Customize And Remix Music Videos From Skrillex, Diplo, Grimes, Tokimonsta And More

<p>Full Flex Express&#8217;s new video player is an instantaneous glitch art tool and features your favorite bands.</p>

Have you ever wanted to be a video director or VJ but simply don’t have the filmmaking chops? You’re in luck. Full Flex Express Tunnel Vision lets you choose the level of visual insanity to layer on some of your favorite music videos, so you can remix your favorite tracks based on how crazy you’re feeling at the moment. Between free-roaming video game worlds and DVDs packed with alternate endings, it’s no surprise we’re headed in the direction of customizable media, and customizable music videos are a great place to start.

Giving you the option between six videos from Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Diplo featuring Nicky Da B, Grimes, KOAN Sound, and Tokimonsta, Tunnel Vision allows you to distort the video while watching it using a simple set of parameters that can have fully transformative results, depending on how hard you tweak the settings. You can also hit the record button, go wild on the controls, and then play back whatever havoc you wreaked on the video and share it with your friends.

Tunnel Vision offers four color filters along with a Luma Key, which you might recognize if you’re a Final Cut user. If you’re not familiar, the term “crazy button” should suffice, because it basically allows you to control the video’s degrees of swirling, spinning, and fractal-izing. Finally, there is a “Dark/Light” option and a button to invert the effects. Used all together, this little toolkit is enough to glitch any of the included videos into utter madness. If you’re feeling particularly sane, just select “None” for the filter and bring the Luma Key all the way to the left. Perfectly boring. Make it go crazy again. Rinse, repeat, and be sure to record at least a little bit. Below, see some examples of what this baby is capable of.

Try it out for yourself right here!

Diplo featuring Nicky Da B


KOAN Sound

Pretty Lights