Crilo Architecture Gnarls Black Metal Into A Goth Building

<p>The Italian firm&#8217;s new prototype is deliciously dark.</p>

Thanks to the Frank Gehrys and I.M. Peis of the world, even the layman can enjoy the marvels of modern architecture. But if there’s one need that’s not being addressed, it’s that there aren’t enough goth buildings out there. We’re talking tall, dark, ominous towers that seem to stand stable using a combination of charred steel and black magic. Atreo has got these qualities in spades.

Atreo is a prototype from Italian architecture firm Crilo that addresses these desires and then some. The concept building is constructed of black metal (yes!) and dark glass, rising with with jutting, angular protrusions all the way to its mangled crown. We’re not sure how it relates to its name, which references Atreus, although seeing that he’s a guy who killed his stepbrother and stole the throne of another kingdom, we can see how some of that badness might have inspired the dark architecture we see here.