Conventional Beauty Be Damned In This Project About Augmented Reality Cosmetic Surgery

<p>Simone Ferracina&#8217;s <i>Digital Surgeon</i> imagines a future where facial modification is as easy as using an iPad.</p>

In the physical world, people love cutting up their faces and reshaping them so they look more, well, weird. It’s called plastic surgery and in our augmented Google glasses future, if it ever comes, maybe you won’t have to undergo a surgeon’s knife to look like that. Instead you’ll have an interface that will allow you to virtually slice and dice your facial features as much as you like, creating a kind of Cubist collage of your face. Or, at least, that’s the idea behind Digital Surgeon from New York-based artist Simone Ferracina.

In the imagined future of this speculative project we no longer need to seek the expertise of medical professionals to change our faces, we can do it from the comfort of our own bathroom mirror, deforming or conforming as you see fit. As he says:

In the physical world, the catalog of available elective surgeries is edited not by subjective wishes, or even medical constraints, but current fashions. But in the augmented city of the near future, where physical and virtual objects merge and are experienced as one, this need not be the case.

Firstly you get your body scanned then 3D modeled and then you can set about rearranging your face using the Digital Surgeon interface and a variety of different modes. The changes are then presented in real-time viewed through your AR lenses to create a “novel kind of real-time portraiture—one where painter and thing painted coalesce into one.”

So, could you see yourself rocking any of the looks below?

[via Simoneferracina.com]