Continuum Wants To Bring DIY Fashion Design To The Masses

<p>Continuum&#8217;s Kickstarter project <span class="caps">CONSTRVCT</span> invites you to become your own designer.</p>

A fabulous, customized wardrobe is no longer an acceptable excuse to live vicariously through your favorite Sim’s character.

Putting the lab in label, Continuum Fashion, from American fashion designers Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel (the duo behind the D.dress), just launched a Kickstarter for their latest digital fashion endeavor CONSTRVCT—an interactive, user-generated fashion collection.

By blending rapid fabrication, interactive software, and the accessibility of the web, CONSTRVCT allows individuals to directly participate in the design and production process. Starting with the selection of a classic silhouette, the user chooses a pattern by uploading photos or other imagery, which is then printed on the garment and cut to your exact size. To finish off this wearable artwork, your name is printed on a label inside with corresponding custom packaging.

All Kickstarter backers get access to their private beta site, along with some killer prizes.

If this project gets funded, we’ll see the world’s most affordable couture.