Collect Sounds In A Bottle, Play Them Back As A Musical Composition

<p>Jun Fujiwara&#8217;s <i>Re: Sound Bottle</i> is a device that captures then plays back collected sounds.</p>

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic bottle that you could carry around with you and fill up with sounds that you came across, then play them back as a piece of music? Well, yeah, sure it would. This is the idea behind Jun Fujiwara‘s Re: Sound Bottle, which lets you record noises as you’re out and about then converts them into a song (of sorts).

Not dissimilar in function to Yuri Suzuki’s The Sound Taxi—which recorded sounds from the streets of London to convert into EDM—the device works by popping the cork off the bottle and placing it next to an object or person (or cat) whose sounds you want to record.

You can collect as many sounds and as diverse a mix as you like. Then, using some kind of sorcery that cannot be uttered on this earth (or maybe some custom tech), it plays back the sounds as a musical composition once you pop the cork off again. If Fujiwara doesn’t start mass producing this for the world’s populace to enjoy, I will cry tears of sadness.

[via Colossal]