Coachella Music Preview: Q&A With Korean Indie Darlings EE

<p>As one of the only Korean bands on the bill, EE are prepared to give Coachella an introduction to the South Korean indie scene.</p>

As part of our creative partnership with Coachella this year, we’ll not only be infusing the legendary music festival with some high-tech interactive art, but also adding some international flavor to the music line-up. One of the most innovative and captivating live performances from our Creators Project event series last year was from the Korean “total art performance group” EE. This husband-and-wife duo has developed a unique persona and sound by juxtaposing mainstream culture with the obscure, mashing up South Korean influences with elements of pop culture and artistic references. We sat down to chat with them about their first appearance at a major US festival, and what they have in store for us this year.

The Creators Project: So what are you up to these days?
We're currently spending our days in London recharging in the underground music and art scene. We're trying to scope out what's out there, checking different spaces so we can come up with new ideas on music and art. We're also studying, which keeps us extra busy, but we want to experiment with everything while we're out here in London.

How do you feel about participating in Coachella 2011, and what kind of performance are you planning to give?
We were extremely surprised and happy to get the news, and we're grateful to be a part of Coachella. We want to give the most authentic performance we can give, full of vibrant energy and not try too hard to be perfect. We want to finish the show and hear people say, "Damn, that was fun!!"

Who are your favorite musicians performing at Coachella this year?
Wow, there are so many artists we love! Lauryn Hill, Nas, Damian Marley, Lightning Bolt, Joy Orbison, Klaxons, Mount Kimbie, Crystal Castles, Nosaj Thing, CSS and
the list goes on..

You guys are probably the only Korean musicians this year, how do you feel about that?
We're a bit nervous, but we are stoked, haha. We hope after this year people will be more interested in the Korean indie music scene.

You were a part of The Creators Project in Seoul last year. How did it go?
Usually it's pretty hard to concentrate on a live performance in a space that is not a music venue or a club, but the people who came to see The Creators Project in Seoul were open to the unusual space and partied hard! We loved the audience and it was good to see people jumping.

Do you have any new art projects lined up?
Yes, we're planning to release our new album or singles sometime this year. But who knows, we can do something spontaneous and make something earlier than planned. The word 'planning' usually doesn't go with EE.