Coachella 2011: Muti Randolph Takes On The Sahara Dance Tent

<p>All this week we&#8217;ll be bringing you exclusive details and teasers on this year&#8217;s unmissable Coachella acts and installations.</p>

What stokes a dancing crowd better than vibrant, pulsing, multi-colored lights synced in time with the music? Not much, which is why we’ve called on returning Creator and Brazilian audio-visual masterbuilder Muti Randolph to give an LED makeover to Coachella’s infamous Sahara dance tent.

Randolph’s prolific career has seen the artist designing everything from theater sets to the famed São Paulo nightclub D-Edge, as well as architectural spaces for fashion brands like Melissa during São Paulo Fashion Week. During our 2010 event series, Randolph created a 3D structure called Deep Screen composed of 6,144 motion sensitive lightbulbs that changed color as people passed through the cube and triggered corresponding music.

Since Randolph is no stranger to creating environments that seamlessly integrate light and sound, and more important, knows how to strike a party vibe, we knew he’d be the perfect person to re-imagine the Sahara Tent at Coachella. Modeling his installation entitled Mirage after D-Edge, Randolph will be programming everything from the stage to his installation in perfect synchronization to the music. You’ll have to see it to believe it, so for now take a peak at Deep Screen in the exclusive video above, and hear what Randolph describes as the “real immersive experience.”