Coachella 2011: Intel and Aldebaran Robotics' Nao Robots Dance To EE [Video]

<p>No human has an excuse for rusty dance moves after seeing these tiny dancing robots embody such grace.</p>

If you grew up watching the animated space-age cartoon The Jetsons then you watched Rosie—the strict (and sometimes faulty) robotic maid and nanny—run a tight ship around the Jetsons’ sky-pad apartment. Over the years we’ve watched as robots have quickly become more personable and human, even popping off the TV screen to act and sing onstage. But these aforementioned cyborgs, while freakishly human, are nothing like the delightful miniature smart-bots we’ve recently encountered.

Intel and Aldebaran Robotics have collaborated to create the Nao H-25 Academic Edition Robot—a tiny, flexible robot with a heart powered by an Intel atom. The robot has two speakers, four microphones, two built-in webcams with CMOS sensors, and WiFi capabilities. Its compact size, at about 21 inches and nine pounds, makes the Nao extremely mobile. We’ve seen a group of Nao’s dance the flamenco (above), but in our Coachella tent, they’ll be getting down to a very different tune, boogying to music by Korean performance artists EE.

Technology Used: Robot “brains,” Intel Atom Z530 Processor and Aldebaran Choregraphe software