Coachella 2011: Arcade Fire + Chris Milk's Summer Into Dust Teaser

<p>A sneak peek at Arcade Fire&#8217;s headlining Coachella set tomorrow night.</p>

As you all are well aware, today is Day One of Coachella, and we’re super excited about all the stage collaborations and installations our Creators will be unveiling in the desert.

Last summer, Arcade Fire debuted The Suburbs to massive critical acclaim, and wound up with an industry-shaking Grammy win. They also worked with acclaimed director Chris Milk on “The Wilderness Downtown”, an interactive web browser-based music video experience. By inputting the address of your childhood home, using Google’s Street View technology, Milk’s video incorporated footage of fan’s neighborhoods. The resulting music video provided an intimate and individualized connection with Arcade Fire’s music.

No stranger to innovative performances, Arcade Fire was one of the pioneering bands to stream a show live on YouTube last summer. Now the band wants to push the limits of their stage presence. For their headlining set at Coachella on Saturday night, Arcade Fire is again calling on Chris Milk for a jaw-dropping visual presentation. The collaboration will incorporate stunning new technology and an intense emotional connection. Sure to be one of the most memorable performances in the festival’s history, Arcade Fire’s set will turn the Summer Into Dust. Tomorrow night’s show will be one you’ll want to catch for sure…