Co-Creator Of Vimeo Harnesses The Power Of HTML5 For The Average Animator

<p>Jake Lodwick&#8217;s Moonbase simplifies the animation process.</p>

When Vimeo came out, it filled a certain void for filmmakers, amateur and professional, that sought a high quality platform to present their work on without as much of a social media focus as YouTube. One of the men behind Vimeo, Jake Lodwick, spotted another void in the accessibility of HTML5, which Steve Jobs had purported to be the new and improved replacement for Flash. As Lodwick put it when speaking to The Verge, “When you read the Steve Jobs article Thoughts on Flash, it explains that Flash is no longer necessary as a browser plugin, because HTML5 can handle all the animation and interaction natively. He didn’t mention that there’s no replacement for the desktop authoring app known as Flash CS6. So if you want to do rich media stuff in HTML5, you need serious Javascript wizards to build it from scratch, and those people are in extremely short supply.” Read Job’s article here.

That’s what led him to create Moonbase, a modular interface that allows to use the animation capabilities of HTML5. In the video above, you can see how much it simplifies the animation process that would otherwise require programming skills foreign to the average user. Lodwick’s company, Elepath, is behind the development of Moonbase, and they’re hoping that Moonbase will revolutionize the craft of casual animation. Sorry GIF, your days are numbered.