Classic Film Fragments Populate A Paper City In Distorted Times

<p>Gideon van der Stelt&#8217;s experimental film combines paper environments with <span class="caps">VFX</span>.</p>

Verknipte tijden / Distorted times from Gideon van der Stelt on Vimeo.

A paper-folded version of the European city of Utrecht in the Netherlands is populated with inhabitants of classic films in this inventive and experimental short Distorted Times by Gideon van der Stelt.

The paper version of Utrecht was filmed using a Canon 7D, with the movie snippets added later using After Effects, to create this filmic fantasy landscape.

It’s a landscape where scenes from movies like Rear Window and Life of Brian take place among paper cut outs to create a surreal combination of techniques—all set in an Escherian/German Expressionistic environment of angulated buildings and warped perspectives.

[via Vimeo]