City In The Sky Is A Futuristic Oasis That Lingers Above The Skyline

<p>London-based architect Tsvetan Toshkov envisions an architectural utopia in City in the Sky.</p>

City life can be harrowing at times—it's hard to find an escape from the constant bustle, noise, and pollution of an urban environment. You could find solace in a park or a quick vacation… but if you want to save your time and money, check out City in the Sky. Created by London-based architect, Tsvetan Toshkov, City in the Sky is an architectural concept that features a sky-high, lotus-shaped oasis.

City in the Sky was developed as part of Megatropolis, a project where various architects and artists were invited to share their vision for the future of London. Although the project never came to fruition, Toshkov moved forward with his concept design, producing an animated version of City in the Sky, which is viewable above. The video shows Toshkov's lotus-shaped oasis towering over New York City. The oasis is the definition of architectural utopia—it's full of beautiful flowers, trees, and ponds, high above the stress of the city. The lotus towers were rendered in 3ds Max and VRay, and the background footage was composited from a time-lapse shot from the roof of the Empire State building.

According to Toshkov, his concept isn't "realistic in terms of structure-engineering or real living environment." However, it is a fantastic depiction of a tranquil hideaway from urban life. Toshkov was particularly inspired by the lotus flower, which is known for its ability to grow above murky waters and remain untainted through its self-cleansing abilities. The flower symbolizes perseverance and optimism, both of which City in the Sky exemplifies. Escape from city life through the stills below.

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