Cirque du Soleil Goes Interactive With A Surreal Chrome Experiment Adventure-Thing

<p>Navigate a fantastical world using movement and sound.</p>

Cirque du Soleil are famous for their elaborate live shows that mix magic and circus stunts to the effect of a pimped out version of the French movie Les Enfants du Paradis. Now they’ve brought their mix of Parisian theatre and circus excess to the online world in a Chrome experiment—like those from Creator Aaron Koblin—called Movi.Kanti.Revo, which “comes from the Esperanto words for Moving, Singing and Dreaming.”

It starts off with a woman speaking a made up language inviting you to pull back the curtain and journey into a world of supple bodies and fancy dress attire. But rather than it relying on you to navigate this world with your mouse by just clicking on various places, instead it lets you journey around this dreamscape using gesture and sound. It switches on your camera and you move your body to explore or speak into your laptop’s microphone to trip through its forests and magical lands.

It’s a little bit cheesy with its “live an emotional journey made of love, doubts, hope and dreams” but the visuals are suitably surreal and fantastical—and if you suspend your cynicism you’ll find it’s a great alternative to actually getting some work done today. It’s interesting that such a popular live show would want to create an interactive, online version as it’s not like they need the publicity boost, but for Chrome Experiments it might bring the WebGL technology to a whole new, less-tech savvy audience who are used to Cirque du Soleil’s live shows.

[via The Verge]