Chris Milk's Home For Postcards To Our Past Selves

<p>The Wilderness Machine allows you to write messages to a more innocent you.</p>

Well before Arcade Fire and Chris Milk collaborated on light painting the Coachella 2011 audience, thousands of people experienced the interactive personalized music video for Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown” and received a little reminder of growing up through the Google Street View integration that turned the video’s setting into your hometown. It’s been two years since the video’s launch, but a lesser known component of the project is still going strong.

After watching your customized video of “The Wilderness Downtown,” the viewer has the option to interact with The Wilderness Machine, which allows you to compose a digital message to your younger self. Since the project’s debut, Milk has amassed roughly half a million postcards and he’s set up a Twitter account as a home for these messages, many of them touching insights into how we look at ourselves and the changes we undergo throughout life.

We’ve gathered several of our favorites below. You can make your own here.

Go behind the scenes of Chris Milk’s latest project,The Treachery of Sanctuary , in the video below.