Chris Cunningham Unveils His Most Intense Project Yet (And It Includes Robots And Lazers)

<p>The director behind huge videos for Aphex Twin, Björk, Madonna, and lots more legends gives birth to his own warped brainchild: <i>Jaqapparatus</i>.</p>

Chris Cunningham‘s gloomy, sexy, twisted style of video appeals to everyone’s dark side, and it’s brought on collaborations with all types of artists—seriously, he’s the only guy who has done both Squarepusher and Aphex Twin videos punctuated by one for Madonna. Cunningham has largely stepped away from music videos in recent years, returning to the game only for a video for The Horrors’ “Sheena Is A Parasite”, and one for his own version of Gil-Scott Heron’s “New York Is Killing Me.” In this new short video from Nowness, we get to see what this master of visual effects has been up to… and, as expected, it’s pretty wild.

Cunningham talks about how he began doing effects, illustration, and character design for film, working with the likes of Stanley Kubrick, and then going heavy on music videos to experiment and develop a style that relies heavily on sound. In his latest work, Jaqapparatus—his first ever art installation—Cunningham combines all these visual elements with his own musical compositions, making for the perfectly complementary marriage of robots, insane visuals, and dense, intense sounds, which reminds us a little of the Quadrotor performance we recently told you about.

If this is your first look at Cunningham’s work, we highly recommend checking out his music videos. Just start at the top and go down the list.