Chris Bird and Ash Nehru of UVA Discuss Monoliths, Bonfires, and Crazy Apes

<p>We get the run down while they set up</p>

Chris Bird, the Technical Director and Aaron Nehru, the Software director of the British based art and light collective UVA, who are known for creating some of the most impressive technology driven installations in the 21st Century, talked to us about how their art isn’t really about technology, it’s about using it, and even hiding it to get to something else.

“We're very interested in the power of light, how it makes you feel,” Bird said. “It's often like moths to a flame. Humans like to come up and touch things, and often people don't have the opportunity to come this close to this kind of technology, so that's sort of fun.”

The installation they were setting up was Triptych, which is composed of three giant monoliths that react interactively with sound and light to participants movements.

“If you’ve seen 2001 you know how that big thing just lands there and all the apes go crazy because it's just sort of making a noise, it's sort of that sort of feeling, it's just these big lights that sit there making noise and hypnotizing you. But they know you're there,” Nehru continued.

Watch the video above to see the many interesting ways that guests at our NY event triggered UVA’s Triptych and to hear the rest of the interview.