CG Image And Animation Technology Reaches New Heights At SIGGRAPH

<p>A preview of some of the newest developments to premier at the conference later this summer.</p>

If you want to show off your shiny new computer graphics software then you need to haul your ass down to the SIGGRAPH annual conference, a place where emerging technologies for computer graphics get paraded around before ending up as the S/S 2013/14 software collection on an animator’s desktop—and eventually making their way to a movie near you.

To tantalize the digital taste buds of the crowds (and those who haven’t yet made up their minds) which will swarm upon it when the exhibition opens on 7th August, they’re previewing some of the technology in something called the Technical Papers Preview Trailer, which highlights some of the technical wonders that will be unveiled.

The preview is packed with developments that make it simpler for a human being to draw just about anything by having the computer fill in for any deficiency your drawing skills may have. Even if your drawing is pretty rough, the software can recognize what you’re going for and give you a little helping hand. That’s right, artists, the spellcheck of visual art is finally here. Time to start using those hands for something practical, because pretty soon everyone will be able to suck at art and still produce beautiful results.

And, as is to be expected, their are several developments in texture animation allowing for CGI that looks even more realistic, making all forms of liquid, slime, goo, hair, skin, and other natural textures far easier to synthesize than ever before. It appears that virtual slime is actually cheaper to create than buying an economy sized tub of it or even making a batch at home.

Below are a few examples from the video above.

This application assists you in character movement and interaction, so you can animate CG characters getting into inappropriate physical positions like the one above.

This one allows you to manipulate borders between different types of textures in the same image. Perfect for eliminating pimples and ex-spouses from your memorabilia.

Advanced smoke simulation—convenient, since actual smoke is illegal in nearly every public space.

Hyper-realistic facial hair and skin, for all your CG Ben Kingsley/Robin Williams hybrid models.

A better bubble that mimics actual bubble formation. No more fake-out froth for you.

There seems to be at least some focus on goo-like substances, probably in order to address the increasing booger and slime demand from the ever younger animated film demographic.