Cassette Tapes Get New Lease Of Life As Colorful Artworks

<p>Benoit Jammes turns the old school music format into minimalist graphics.</p>

Pity the poor cassette tape, once the supreme format for listening to music, and now it’s relegated to a nostalgic curiosity. But all is not lost because it seems to have found a second life as an artistic material. Previously, we’ve seen it used to recreate classic album covers, and now graphic designer Benoit Jammes has used some old tapes he found lying around to make colorful artworks, some of which are based on film posters.

Jammes distills the poster or image into its elemental basics so the pictures become minimalist representations, full of bold colors and simple shapes for maximum visual impact. So if if you find some old tapes lying around in your parent’s basement gathering dust and looking forlorn, you now know what to do with them.

Images © Benoit Jammes

[via PSFK]