Cassette Schwarzenegger Teams With Studio Shelter, Travels Through Space Shooting Lasers

<p>Electro-disco-punk straight from Seoul and into the future.</p>

South Korea’s Cassette Schwarzenegger is the flamboyant union of vocalist Mik and producer Edi Volcano. Together, the duo embraces their eccentric tastes in music and fashion. Describing their sound as “electro-disco-punk,” this campy pair brings a playful edge to dance music with their debut album GYM FOR YOU, pairing it with some electrifying visual collaborations.

PLAY,” their first official music video by Studio Shelter, is a full Mission: Impossible-style animation, which finds our heroes fighting villains while blasting through space on a stereo speaker rocket ship. Nominated for “Best M/V” at the 2011 ARS Electronica media festival, “PLAY” boasts a smashing debut of the team’s audiovisual work.

Recently, Cassette Schwarzenegger and Studio Shelter put forth another collaboration for the hit “SUPER HIFI,” which could easily be a sequel to “PLAY.” Reincarnations of Mik and Edi Volcano come to life as they dance and jam through galaxies.

And below, check out this Cassette Schwarzenegger collaboration with our very own Creators Sticky Monster Lab for the 100th issue anniversary of IdN Magazine, using Cassette Schwarzenegger's track “Skywalker.”