Morphing Rock Sculptures Land In New York

The newest exhibit from Casey Reas taps sci-fi motifs for candy-colored installations.

For ULTRACONCENTRATED, LA-based artist Casey Reas' first NYC solo show in over five years, the creator has chosen to showcase a series of techno-colored works inspired by television signals and entropy. Utilizing live video-driven software systems, c prints, laser-etched anodized aluminum pieces, and illuminated sculpture (created with design studio Aranda\Lasch) Reas hopes to explore the invisible yet ubiquitous systems of information and mass communication. 

Prior to opening The Creators Project spoke to Reas about the exhibit:

"The entire show is about meditation. The ready-made title of ULTRACONCENTRARED refers to ideas about perception, mass media, capitalism, and technology...a visual assault of projects, prints, and fabricated objects, there's a violence to the work that pulls all the way through to the sublime."

While there's many levels to appreciating Reas' work, his new gem-like structures standout for their sheer aesthetic appeal and enjoyability, despite their heady subject matter.

Below, the multimedia installation flickers and glows.

Casey Reas, Ultraconcentrated, 2013 

diptych, custom software, two computers, dimensions variable, unique

Aranda\Lasch and Casey Reas, Primitives (This Could be an Extraordinary Find), 2013

steel, plexiglass, LEDs, microcontrollers

Meant to evoke the feeling of a sci-fi communications hub, (above) lights pulsate within mirrored cavities for a futuristic effect.

The sculpture’s three-dimensionality morphs as the glow dissolves and reappears, hitting the geometric surface and emitting different color patterns. These luminous formations are then transmitted across the network, as the light distorts to create 3D patterns.

In the past Reas has worked on a range of projects, from set design for Yeasayer in 2012 (also with Aranda\Lasch), to a permanent video projection for the exterior of Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony building (Miami Beach), to Textile Room presently on view at the LA MoCA.

This newest project comes as an extension of the ideas generated by Aranda\Lasch and Reas during their 2012 collaboration.

Casey Reas, ULTRACONCENTRATED, Bitforms Gallery, Sep 5 - Oct 12, 2013

Below, check out the video The Creators Project did with Reas and Aranda\Lasch for Yeasayer's 2012 tour:


Casey Reas