Mexico City Artists Created a Big Box of Art

Casa Maauad wants you to make a commitment to these 11 works.

Most of the art that we buy is either 2D or 3D—pictures or sculptures. But Mexico city’s Casa Maauad is offering a collection of 2D works that, in their presentation, become a dimension-defying work all its own. It’s a box. A box full of art.

Casa Maauad is a an artist residency program that culminates every residency in a public solo show. They’re a non-profit, so to raise money for their program they sell works by artists they’ve collaborated with. Commitment is one such project, and includes 11 works by 11 different artists. It’s also an edition of 11, one of which can be yours for a cool $5,000.

Gabriel Rosas Alemán

"The guidelines for this portfolio were very loose, we asked the artists to produce black and white relatively flat works,” says Casa Mauaad’s Nancy Brown. One of those artists is Debora Delmar, whose work Branded for Life is included in the box.

Debora Delmar

She describes the work as "an appropriated image from Cara Delevingne´s Instagram account that she posted the day her and Jourdan Dunn got matching DD tattoos (after their lasts names).” Their tattoo is the same as the Ds in Delmar’s logo, which is also coincidentally the same logo as an LA-based plastic surgeon. "I am interested in the way this blurs the line between high and low culture, pop culture and fine art,” she continues.

Kristin Reger

To learn more about Casa Maauad, click here


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