Cartoon Violence You Won't See On TV

<p>Won&#8217;t somebody please think of the children?</p>

Sweeping ‘round the internet like viral controversy is this video from French directing quartet, Megaforce, who’ve taken the seemingly innocuous idea of kid’s playing war and given it a splash of cartoon blood in the music video for London band In Tropical’s “The Greeks.”

The innocent Nerf gun is transformed into a bloody weapon of mass destruction that soaks the screen in splotches of red. Looney Toons wounds are inflicted on a bunch of kids as they run amok and shoot the crap out of each other. But it doesn’t stop there, instead it steps up the levels of bad taste to include gruesome headshots on defenseless teddy bears and old ladies. Its offensive stride takes in: gangland war, drug empires, torture, terrorism, decapitation, flame throwers, explosions in suburbia, and chicken dinners—all undertaken by a gang of kids who couldn’t be older than 11 or 12. It’s quite something.

The anime-like animation work comes courtesy of animators Seven, and the video proves that if you want to make an impact, then mixing violence with children is a fine way to do it— it got about 900,000 views on YouTube in its first four days.