Byte The App: Must See Apps Of The Week 4/5

<p>Net art goes app art, iPad goes analogue, cameras go 1-bit, exercise goes zombie, and Marvel gets AR.</p>

The app stores are teeming with new releases, but who has time to go through them all? We do, and we’re bringing you a selection of the most interesting, creative, and innovative apps each week. Submit your suggestions for next week in the comments below.

ZYX [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
JODI, the Dutch net art collective consisting of Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, have been modifying computer games and websites since the mid-90s when you were knee high to a desktop and most of the internet was fields, have recently made the leap into app art with their first app. It seems it was a slightly rocky journey to get it into the store—initially it was rejected because it seems Apple didn’t quite get JODI’s work—but now it’s here and lets you turn movements into a performance, in a kind of net art exercise regime.

Paper by FiftyThree [iPad]
The future isn’t digital, but it’s not analogue either. It’s digital pretending to be analogue! Which is what this app does, in a way. There’s nothing more easy or instinctual than sketching or writing down an idea when it comes to you, and that act of creation is what this app hopes to replicate, allowing you to create sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes, and drawings then magically share them on the internet.

1-Bit Camera [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
How retro do you want to go? That’s a question you’ve got to ask yourself when you’re downloading an app that emulates a 1-bit camera. There’s no color here, it’s all black and white and dots and dewy-eyed nostalgia so you can tone everything down a little bit and get back to the calming clarity that only a Game Boy camera—and breath—can give you.

Zombies, Run! [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
We mentioned this awhile back when it was nothing but a twinkle in Kickstarter’s eye, and now it’s all grown up and in the App Store. If you’re a lazy bugger who wishes you exercised more but can only get motivated when chased by the moaning undead, then this app is for you. It turns the act of getting fit into an immersive running game and audio adventure.

Marvel AR [iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android]
It might not be at the level where you can have an epic battle with Magneto yourself, but if you point this app at Marvel products it gives you exclusive content. Unlock 3D action scenes and explore the Marvel universe, go behind the scenes to do all the things fanboys and girls enjoy. If you were a kid and your comics could come alive, it would pretty much be the best thing ever.