Byte The App: Must See Apps Of The Week 2/23

<p>Use facial recognition software for your iPhone photos, pixelate your friends, play a new rhythm puzzler, Storify your social networks and enjoy uniquely styled game <i>Lume</i>.</p>

The app stores are teeming with new releases, but who has time to go through them all? We do. Bringing you a selection of the most interesting, creative, and innovative apps each week. Submit your suggestions for next week in the comments below.

KLIK [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
The facial recognition technology on Facebook that prompts you to tag an image of a friend after uploading comes to iOS with this app from Face.com. Point the phone’s camera at a friend, take a snap, and the app will let you tag the person in real-time. Even before you’ve taken the photo, the app can identify friends’ faces and it also lets you see feeds of friend’s photos and buddies nearby along with Facebook and Twitter integration.

Pixel Pix [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
Pixel Pix lets you pixelate your photos using a selection of over 100 pre-made stickers that you can plaster all over the portrait, or choose a filter to make it look like a video game of yore. It’s for those times when that photo of your friend smiling at the beach needs to be pimped out with unicorns, steampunk goggles, and some kitten ears.

Circadia [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
Circadia is a puzzle game from Kurt Bieg where you tap a colored circle and watch it radiate outwards to hit a white dot. As the game continues, more colored circles appear and you have to make sure the ripples hit the white dot at the same time. It starts off simple, but then things get more complicated as you progress and the puzzles become ever more intricate.
Lume [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
Lume was nominated for an Independent Games Festival award in 2012 for its Excellence in Visual Art, and now the iPhone gets its own version. Mobile gamers can lap up the stunning graphics, which have their own unique style and feature a set that was built entirely out of paper and cardboard and filmed in high definition.

Storify [iPad]
The social media site that lets you create a mashup of your social networks—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube—to tell stories is now available on the iPad. Storify lets you drag and drop photos, videos, and status updates so you can create a narrative from the live streams that flow across the internet day and night. It’s popular with Twitter users and is even used by news organizations.