Bursting Gold Bubbles Make for a Mesmerizing Liquid Lamp

My bubbles! My bubbles!

Golden bubbles burst into light in design studio Tangent’s playfully alternative KIHOU lamp. At the bottom of KIHOU’s ceramic container, LEDs are attached to a petite pump. With each exertion, the pump pushes air up through the gooey substance which fills the bowl, and a metallic yellow bubble blossoms through a thin layer of black silicone oil. “The rhythm of bubbles, unexpected noise, stickiness of the liquid and lightness of the oil, and the mysterious contrast between the golden light and black surface all breathe life into this small cube, sublimating it into a product that people can feel an affinity with,” describes Tangent on their website. 

Although not yet available for general sale, you can get a glimpse of Tangent’s product at the upcoming Paris Design Week, starting September 5 through 12. In the meantime, surrender to the hyptnotizing cadence of KIHOU’s beautiful bubbles below. 

Click here to see more of Tangent's designs. 

Via Design Boom


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