Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings Creates Mesmerizing Art Before Your Eyes

Brian Eno shows us what 77 Million Paintings looks like. And it's stunning.

What do 77 million paintings look like? The vast visual catalog that this would comprise is almost impossible to conceive. If we were talking about traditional paintings, involving some form of canvas and paint, it would probably encompass all of modern creation's painterly efforts, and then some. In the case of legendary musician, producer and visual artist Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings project, currently on view in NYC through June 2, the "paintings" in question are an ever-evolving audiovisual kaleidescope algorithmically generated right before the viewer's eyes. 

Following in the artist's tradition of using generative software for audio and visual creation, 77 Million Paintings explores a vast set of permutations of visual and sonic elements made by Eno. The project continues Eno's exploration into the aesthetic and formal qualities of light, experimenting with projected imagery as a malleable light source that produces unknown and unpredictable patterns.  

You can check out some images from the installation below. The sound design is, sadly, not included, but if you find yourself in NYC this month, you can check out the installation for yourself and spend a few moments blissed out in Eno land. 

Images courtesy Red Bull North America.