Breathtaking Aerial and Water Photos Come to Benrubi Gallery

Jeffery Milstein and Eric Cahan bring urban landscapes and abstract fluid patterns, respectively, to the New York gallery.


This past Thursday at the Benrubi Gallery, two new shows opened up, from photographers Jeffery Milstein and Eric Cahan, respectively. Milstein, known for taking pictures of planes mid-air, flipped his camera around and shot the ground below from 1000' - 2000', resulting in stunning large-scale aerial photographs. In LA NY, the photographer looks down at two of the country’s biggest cities from a distance just far enough to capture exquisite patterns made in the urban landscape. The show features aerial images of train yards, suburban neighborhoods, and cruise ships. “The images suggest that however chaotic or inscrutable modern life might appear," the gallery explains, "[his work] is tied to age-old patterns that guide in ways we don't immediately perceive, but which nevertheless guide us through our daily routines.”

Eric Cahan’s Data Mining, on the other hand, is a series of photographs that reflect on the speed at which we perceive and consume works of art. According to the show’s press release, marketing research software shows that museumgoers spend an average of 30 seconds in front of a painting, while web users spend only eight. Cahan’s polarized images of water draw our attention to the “totemic nature of a work of art,” as the gallery puts it. “The silver swirls and bursts of color and shadow are so abstracted that they challenge our notion of what a photograph actually communicates: a view of an object removed in time and space, or nothing but the viewer's assumptions about the image itself.”

Check out some images from the dual shows below: 

Caribbean Princess, Jeffrey Milstein

Data Mining, Eric Cahan

Data Mining, Eric Cahan

Data Mining, Eric Cahan 

LA 07, Park La Brea by Jeffrey Milstein

Container Port 09 by Jeffrey Milstein

NYC 28 Stuyvesant by Jeffrey Milstein

You can catch the two shows at the Benrubi Gallery from July 9th to August 22nd. Click here to learn more. 


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