Breathe, Breathe In The Air... And Charge Your Phone

<p>A device transforms your CO2 into electricity via mini wind turbines.</p>

Sometimes you just need to sit down and do nothing—just breathe in deeply and then out again, letting the tumultuous world wash by you. Other than helping you to relax and contemplate, it’s not the most productive time, but all that could change with a device called AIRE, from Joao Paulo Lammoglia which lets you charge your iPhone using your own breath.

By utilizing your own hot air to charge your phone, you’re not using up energy that’s coming from unrenewable sources, so you can save money and the world. Inside the Vader-style mouth mask are small wind turbines that convert your dispelled CO2 into electrical energy which is then transferred via a wire to the phone.

So whether you’re taking a nap, vegetating on the couch, running, or sitting at your desk typing, you can use the mask to give precious juice to your over-used gadget.

[via PSFK]