Breaking The Fifth Wall: A Visual Essay On Human Perception—In GIF Form

<p>&#8220;The boundaries between projected and perceived images become blurred.&#8221;</p>

Mixed media artist Yovcho Gorchev compiles mind-blowing images using that classic digital image format, the almighty GIF. In his series Breaking The Fifth Wall, Gorchev posits new theories of human perception, the diminishing value of physical space, and sensory experiments of a metaphysical nature.

When going through these images, keep the following in mind:

Before you assume that you are sensing in real-time, and that it is your own body looking at this page, let science reframe your conception of self. Through experiments such as Botvinick & Cohen’s, over the past two decades, neuroscientists have discovered that our senses are not necessarily confined to our own bodies.

See the entire series in the Gallery.