Brain Farm Films Epic One-Of-A-Kind Snowboard Run

<p>18 guys take on a mile-long, steep-as-hell hill.</p>

Brain Farm rule the roost when it comes to spectacular footage of action sports paired with shots of nature being all sublime and beautiful. More often than not, they film in remote, daredevil locations, capturing this stuff on the most sophisticated cameras in the world while hanging out of a helicopter, as their subjects hurl themselves off the side of a cliff. No big.

Using their powers of extreme filmmaking, the Brain Farm team recently documented the Red Bull Supernatural—a snowboarding contest that sees only the brave venture down a ridiculously steep mile-long slope in Baldface Lodge, Canada—with 100 features that would have most of us fainting from fright just from standing on it.

The idea is to "have a rider do a single, two-minute run that can stand up to a two-minute video part." Now, I’m no snowboarder, but two minutes is by all accounts quite a long time for one of these runs, so stamina is key. As is a pair of cojones the size of a Yeti.

It all adds up to some unprecedented snowboarding that takes one group of 18 hardened boarders, dangles a bounty of $75,000 for the winner (who’ll be judged on line choice, creativity of the line, air, style, flow, and control), and places them onto this monster of a hill (God’s mercy). Of course the only thing left to do was get Brain Farm to film it. The full Red Bull Supernatural airs on NBC Saturday, March 31.

We visited Brain Farm at their homebase in Jackson back in 2010. Check out our talk with Curt Morgan here.