Projected Illustrations Turn the World into a Cartoon

An abandoned hospital gets illuminated with art in the new music video for Jumo's "Désert."

Nathaniel Ainley

Nathaniel Ainley

Images courtesy of Meskaprod

Screeching chords and fluttering synth leads rise over a sequence of stark LED animations projected throughout an abandoned hospital in western France. A collection of talented artists, each engaging a different medium, collaborated to create the new music video for French electronic music producer Jumo's new single, "Désert," and it shows. 

The video was directed and produced by French filmmaker collective, Meskaprod, alongside multimedia studio Cela Collectif (of which Jumo is a part). While the producer was working out songs for his upcoming Nomade EP (Nowadays Records), his crew was out collecting drawings and animations to use during his live show. The collective eventually had the idea to use video projections to inflate the illustrations and screen them on the sides of buildings and from a moving car onto the ocean and trees. The entire video was shot in real time using a 5500-lumen video projector and a Sony a7S Mark II “because it can film in very, very low lights, and ‘sees’ better than the human eye, without degrading the image too much,” says Meskaprod co-Founder Lucas Mokrani Delaval.

The abstract line drawings in the video are collection of works by visual artist Nina Guy, animator and graphic designer Clement Leveau, and cartoonist Gregory ‘MyFuckinMess’ Guibert. The projected animations are simple and satisfying to watch, with the glow and contour of Miyazaki characters.

Illustration by Nina Guy

Delaval tells The Creators Project, “Our goal was to create a link between the light and the urban space, and try to re-appropriate this space to tell our story. Entities leaving their dark, agonizing empty building to cross the city and reach a new way to escape. It's also a way to bring these 'dead' spaces back to life, and to project what's in our mind on it. The whole EP is based on a nomadic idea.” Check out "Désert" below: 

You can check out more of Jumo’s music on Soundcloud here. View more work from Meskaprod on their website, here, and for more from the Cela Collective, click here.


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