Bizarre Pixel Art Animation Pays Homage To 80s Movies And 90s Video Games

Giant walruses, a cat with laser eyes, <i>Sim City</i> references, and flying trains are just some of the things that feature in this insane animation.

Today is the day you watch a pixel art animation that's a homage to "80's movies, 90's video games, and the city of Dublin." Well it is if you click play on the video above, anyway. Called Your Man, it's made by Pearsmiths with music by Sounds of System Breakdown—and be prepared for some weirdness, starting with a giant mute speaker icon casting its shadow across the earth. 

From here things get even stranger as it pans back to reveal a giant space walrus with a seagull and a frog balanced on its head who fire a tractor beam containing a man with a white beard in a yellow hoody down to the planet. Who then scrambles across Dublin, jumps on a train and proceeds to cause havoc and explosions and chaos across the city. There's also a helluva lot of other stuff too.

You won't really know what's going on, but just go with it and let it remind you of those days back in 1995 spent playing Sim City in you bedroom. Not that it was ever quite as insane as this is.

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]